It is a considerable research work to look for the most beautiful fabrics to give all the necessary authenticity to our clothes for each collection. You have to go around the world to find the most prestigious factories able to provide an irreproachable quality. Our guideline is first and foremost quality and authenticity. And the manufacturers meeting our requirements are becoming increasingly rare in this new economy based on profitability more than on durability.






The denim comes as the name suggests the city of Nîmes in South Eastern France, This twill fabric made of indigenous warp yarn woven with an ecru thread gives it its particular appearance.

This authentic canvas will never be the same according to the use you make of it. Some decide never to wash it to preserve its authenticity, its colours and its relief by opting for an occasional dry cleaning allowing to better fix the colours indigo.

To get the best relief of your jeans, the advice is to wash it with Castilla soap (Dr. Bronner) in the machine on the delicate program without spin cycle, then drain it and hang it to do it to dry. When the jeans are 90% dry, take it and put it to fit the shape of your body.

As for ironing, it must be very light, or non-existent.




We work with a traditional factory in Scotland that is known to be the best for 89 years. One of the few Scottish companies to offer seamless knitting techniques that offer unparalleled comfort and fit. Once you have experimented our sweaters you will agree that we offer the best quality of Scottish knits available.

For washing, it is advisable to wash the sweater by hand with a special wool detergent with lukewarm water. For drying, we advise you to roll it in a dry towel at first and leave it flat in the open air.



Cotton Poplin

The term "poplin" refers to weaving from twice as many warp yarns as weft yarns. Lightweight, supple and silky, our cotton poplin is widely used for making shirts. They are always 100% cotton and double rotor, braided with a double knot from twice as many warp threads than weft. They are mostly woven in Italy.

Very easy to maintain, but withstand high temperatures badly, opt for a wash at 30 ° C and forget the dryer. Then dry your shirts on a hanger to facilitate ironing.





Originally it is a linen canvas made in France. But it is in the United States that the real chambray appears in 100% cotton. Like jeans, its dyed indigo-based yarn will make it mainly a workwear, comfortable and resistant. Also lighter than denim, chambray is mainly used for shirts.

It will have the same characteristic of whitening seams over washings thanks to the pigment of indigo, which will give it a relief and timeless appearance.




The flannel is a combed and scraped wool on both sides which gives it a nice and comfortable to wear because it is soft to the touch, it keeps warm in winter.




It is a noble material, requiring many steps and a demanding expertise. The appearance and quality of the leather vary depending on the skin, the animal and the technique of tanning.






All our collections are carefully studied, drawn, implemented, to best fit your expectations, with a desire to create in each of you an emotion, and pass on our passion for sportswear chic clothing.



We work every season to develop a complete collection for men with the constant attention to detail and quality with ambition for absolute perfection.






The male consumer is in search of authenticity and ego. He is able to federate around a concept that corresponds to his codes. That's why men's stores are often more opulent and warm.



Our OCEAN SURPLUS concept and our brand (L'EGOISTE) answer this request and this identification code. Products filled with multiple values such as quality, friendship, friendliness, serenity and above all authenticity.






In the interest of detail, we select the best possible manufacturers, in the first place to respect sustainable ethics, but also to obtain a quality of manufacture resulting from a proven expertise.





The goal is to produce authentic, quality products and share through them our passion and our emotions. Because in fashion there is not much more to invent but everything is to reinvent, starting with quality and comfort.






Do you have any doubt about washing our different clothes?

Do not hesitate to ask for advice in our shops or send us a message via our contact page.






Our collections are designed in Biarritz and made in Europe.