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It is in Biarritz, facing the ocean in an environment and a state of mind conducive to inspiration that was born our brand (L'EGOISTE). And it is this state of mind that we want to transcribe as DNA through our brand and its products.

Biarritz is the chic of the French West Coast associated with an offbeat and different side without bling-bling but refined and authentic.

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We design our collections (L'EGOÏSTE) around a concept, these famous military surplus where it is possible to hunt some authentic products, but this time it is a surplus "refined, chic and elegant" that we propose to you .



In an authentic environment with a colorama taking from the colours khaki / camouflage on the one hand (in the spirit of military green typical of the colour of the countryside of the Basque coast) and indigo blue on the other hand (deep colour of the 'Ocean') that the theme of this label is brought up. This is a new version of sportswear dedicated to the Basque coast and Biarritz.

The atmosphere of the city of Biarritz is strong. All like the state of mind of collections ( L’EGOISTE ). With these clothes, I am able to confront all weather hazards (rain, sun, storm), take a walk and watch the surfers on the ‘Côte des Basques’. Or everything simply I'm in a "City" but I have the state of spirit of this chic surplus of the ocean; I'm dressing up ( L’EGOISTE ), I'm getting dressed Ocean'surplus ...


So you too, take the time to discover our collections in the atypical environment of our shops where the sense of detail of each moment will surely not leave you indifferent. 



  And always follow your passion.  




Our collections are designed in Biarritz and made in Europe.