Fall Winter 2019 Collection

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 LEGOISTE FW19 Lookbook Megeve (style gui





And so

the adventure



Carefull… grandiose getaway in sight.

7 kilometers outside of Megève, here is the altiport. It is the ideal starting point if you want to discover and fly over the Mont Blanc massif and its glaciers. The aero club of Megève but also the companies Aerocime and Mont Blanc Helicopter have established themselves as specialists of these "discovery flights". The latter even offers a "gastronomic flight " by helicopter to combine the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds.





Coucou café

--------------   Alt. 1 472 m


You cannot go to the altiport without stopping at the Coucou Café. In the heart of a magnificent setting, a small chalet-bar-restaurant located right on the edge of the tarmac. 

3 years after its opening it is still the place to be. No wonder that a group of friends created this atypical address. The manager, Mathieu, big smile on an handsome face, has the art of conviviality pegged to the body. He and his sidekick imagined this place as the "home" for aviation lovers.

The idea therefore is to feel good inside regardless of the generations. Teens will love the multimedia comics corner, the older will prefer the lounge area, the table d'hôte, the office or the sunny terrace.






The place to chill

Far from the hustle and bustle of the station, we read, flip through the books and magazines available, we watch the planes dance while waiting for our flight, his friends or ... his fried ceps.

At the Coucou Café, the cuisine is simple but it knows how to be inventive and above all of great quality with a selection of healthy and local products. A friendly kitchen just like home. For a coffee in the morning, a lunch or a party, at any time of the day, it's the place to chill … and to board.











Megève is also a timeless place far from gondolas, tracks and jet-set. Brian has opened the Vrombie Teinturerie, this atypical tattoo studio. Passionate about art and retro culture, this dandy with fine mustaches has created a cozy place in his image. Every object, painting, figurine, furniture, found here or there, tells a story; a bit like the marks he makes on the skin.





She has already made seven parachute jumps but she will tell you that she lacks self-confidence...

She willingly uses the panoply of her boyfriend. Femininity according to her? A guy’s outfit with a girl's spirit (or vice versa).







This bearded guy who has a passion for bandanas wears our corduroy waistcoat.

One should be able to touch the vest, to feel his exceptional patina. A promise of comfort in all occasions.





L'appel du Tweed

Robust, the Harris Tweed has been made since 1846, by hand, from virgin wool, in the Hebrides archipelago off Scotland. A textured fabric that we enjoy working with in our collections. Brian perfectly twists his rustic-chic side.



Triumph TR3A - 1960

It is just like a postcard, everything is there: the pretty wooden chalets, the pastures, the eternal snows of Mont Blanc and the carriages ...

Nestled in the heart of Haute Savoie, Megève is the authentic small village of mountain with a soul full of charm. In high season, this "little French Swiss" becomes the center of the world.

Today, at the top or at the bottom of the slopes, the biggest restaurants and the most beautiful hotels are working together. They offer the quintessence of gastronomy cuisine and the art of living with altitude.


Eric, our partner in Megève, grew up in the mountains. But the altitude did not make him lose his mind, it is just the opposite. At the age of 21, this key figure of Megève opened his first shop. Twenty-five years later, he owns three of them, including the famous The Royal Racer shop, which opened last November. Fan of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Dennis Hopper, Eric likes beautiful mechanics and spirit of “Thomas Crown’s” or “Easy Rider’s”.



He also likes English cars. Especially when they have a history and several sports competitions to their credit.

On board this triumph TR3A of 1960, Éric does not hesitate to embark, for a cool trip, with his band of friends of which Nicolas is part. The boss of Delicium, this trendy Italian restaurant in Rochebrune, knows how appreciate “boys’ toys”. If the engine of the roadster is small, it remains powerful and allows to drive between the snow-covered mountains in all conditions. Down jacket, warm sweater, leather glove ...

Just suit up and face the elements, hair - or rather cap - in the wind. It is just as if this gentlemen crew was a part of the “Coupe des Alpes” race!





Baseball in Florida


What is the common point between a macaroon and a baseball ?
We asked Didier and Bernard what they thought about it.


Change of scenery. Good bye the mountain and the snow. Welcome the sun, the palm trees and the fine sand of Florida. Rendez-vous on a baseball field with Didier and Bernard his father-in-law.

The first one wears a limited edition vest embellished with embroidered varsity letters patches. The second, an authentic blouson jacket with gussets. But only their appearance is of baseball.

Didier and Bernard bring to fruition the family business launched in Sarasota 10 years ago: macaroons. A success story as we love them in the United States.

Everything started from the idea of creating a French pastry shop and to convert America to macaroons. Soon, a small shop was born in Sarasota facing the sea under the impulse of Rosalie, Bernard's wife. While he still has a foot in real estate development, his son-in-law is in the kitchen. He imagines the flavors and all the different recipes. Little by little, word of mouth does the job.

People come from Orlando, Tampa, Miami to taste this little cake that looks like a mini burger of sweetness. In 2012, the concept opens to the franchise. Since then, Le Macaron French Pastries has approximately 50 franchised branches from Florida to California, from New Hampshire to Arizona.




The American Dream


In the country where everything is possible, where destinies are made and disintegrated as fast as a Dallara on the Indy 500, the family stands out as the symbol of French chic. But if this family thinks big, it's not at the expense of its values or its ambitious audacity. Sicilian pistachio, white chocolate with basil, bubblegum ... the flavors are surprising. New products - ice cream, eclairs, napoleons, pies, croissants - are launched, all made from natural French ingredients.

To ensure the quality of its creations, the house prefers to make them itself, in Sarasota, then deliver them to the shops. The king of the Frenchy macaron also takes the time to do things well even if that means missing opportunities.

What if that, was the real luxury: not being afraid of losing a match?







The great escape

in Paris


At the origin of the project, Rémi, Charles and Julien, three childhood friends. Half “titi-parisiens”, half chic dandies with military influences. Three brothers who have shared for 25 years their passion for the retro universe, vintage motorcycles and the Parisian way of life.

Four years ago, they decided to embark and imagine the Retro Tour, unusual strolls on side-cars to discover the capital with a new and different way. The gentlemen siders deliver "their Paris", secret and nostalgic, the one we do not see in the guides. Montmartre, “Ile de la Cité”, “Quartier Latin”...

Always a cleverly outdated elegance, they hit the Parisian districts on their Ural gear, vintage from head to wheel. Monuments, hidden places, anecdotes in anecdotes, little by little the entire heart of the city opens up to the tourists. 







The Power of Leather

Right out of automotive motorcycling races, the authentic motorcycle jacket is reinventing in a more urban style with a vintage patinaed leather. 






        |    with the gentlemen siders team


How was the Retro Tour born? 

Rémi: The idea came from my passion for old bikes and the difficulty to find vintage sidecar for my wedding day ... I have also been immersed in an artistic universe since childhood which made me aware of the beauty of what surrounds me. Very attentive to the details, I took a real pleasure to imagine the outfits of our pilots in a retro spirit.

What do you like about this adventure?

Julien: I have traveled a lot to know that Paris is actually my favorite city. In love with its cultural richness, I like to share and help people from all around the world uncover its secrets. My claim could be: "we do not live to travel, we travel to live".

What motivated you in this project?

Charles: My interest in people, my taste for travel and my desire to undertake. Today, I do what I love, that is to say, imagine, conceive, share. I have always wanted to create a universe and a strong identity.